Soalan Ramalan 2020

Soalan Ramalan 2020

As you have known there will not be any spot question this year; both UPSR and PT3 have cancelled. We will only focus on SPM this year. The Soalan Ramalan will only be reveal in our our sister website If you are interested to get a copy of our exam tips, please visit the website for more information. 


  1. Math Tips 2020
  2. Add Math Tips 2020
  3. Science Tips 2020
  4. Physics Tips 2020
  5. Sejarah Tips 2020


Good news to all students, the stress is over. The main examination has  cancelled and parents  and teachers should celebrate. PT3  exam has been replaced and downgraded with a new evaluation test. The new evaluation test will be conducted by school under the supervision of Ministry of Education . The evaluation will allow students to determine the streams they would be interested to  enroll for the following year. At Skor Minda, we are currently providing E Nota – Tuisyen for students who are interested to to further their studies and stay competitive for next year: Form 4. The E-Nota is only RM 30/year. The offer is only valid till June. 



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