Penang Kids Coding Class

Penang Kids Coding Class

Penang Coding Class

Skorminda Tuition Centre will be providing coding class this year. The classs is suitable for kids ranging from 10 to 15 years old. It is not hard to learn coding, it is good to learn coding at early age too. For those who are new to coding, this is your opportunity to learn. Coding for kids will start from basic then we move on to more complex concepts

Here are out curriculum outline

  1. Introduction to coding
  2. Illustration using paper to establish the logics (Project and Assignment in group)
  3. Using Drag and Drop  Builder
    1. Initiating Variable
    2. Loops
    3. Print Out value
    4. If Statements
    5. Do statements
  4. Understanding JavaScript
    1. Basic of HTML and CSS
    2. How to manipulate the CSS
  5. Advancing JavaScript
    1. Arrays
    2. Promises
    3. Asynchronous
    4. Maps
    5. Filter


For more information about our classes. Please visit the link below. ALL OUR CLASSES ARE physical class. We do not believe in ONLINE CLASS. If you are looking for online class then we only do provide Private Tutoring. Click Here for more info

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