Learning Difficulty After Missing Schools for 2 years due to Covid

Learning Difficulty After Missing Schools for 2 years due to Covid



Often parents call and seek consultation regarding their kids failing to perform well academically in school after the Covid 19 pandemic. Although most students are doing class online during the pandemic, we discovered that the e learning is only suitable for certain students. The questions we should asked, why are students not doing well? Is online learning still relevant? Are we missing anything ?

Many reasons why students fail to learn online can be attributed to 

  1. Poor lesson plan from school teachers. Most of the lesson plans are prepared for class room activities. Teachers do not have online materials that is suitable for learning in digital classroom
  2. Poor class monitoring using zoom and google classroom. Don’t be surprise that some teachers are not well verse in google classroom. Teacher’s lack of training how to use technology. Covid-19 outbreak was one of the first major outbreak in Malaysia. No one expected it and no one would have ever thought can be that bad. Even hospitals world wide are not prepared for the pandemic.
  3. Students are not interested in learning online because they get bored sitting hours Infront of the computers. Imagine stating class at 9am and ending it at 1 PM daily. It is a tiring learning process. Students are not like adult and they tend to  be active. Confine students in a small space can lead to mental torcher.
  4. Poor learning facilities. Around 30% of students in Malaysia lack of educational laptops. Sad to hear that without a proper device, it is so hard to learn. Some of the students learn using mobile phones.
  5. Poor internet connection, fiber optics cable does not provide quality internet services to Malaysia. There are places in Malaysia that does not have the enough ports to provide internet connection

Moving forward

  1. It is up to parents to help their child in education.
  2. Parents are the one that should be making effort to provide good learning environment.
  3. Students that fail to excel or learn during pandemic should engage personal tutoring and extra class tutoring
  4. School teachers’ can play their role to provide extra classes after school hours.
  5. Government should play their role to incorporate better online learning facilities for future pandemic



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