Electromagnetic Form 5 Physics

Electromagnetic Form 5 Physics

Electromagnetic Wave for SPM Students

Electromagnetism is the relationship between Electric and Magnet. If you are wondering about cartoons magnet which you used to stick memo onto your fridge, that was permanent magnet. Most of the Electrical equipments are base on electromagnetism such as motor electric, memory storage, television and many more.


Characteristics of Electromagnetic Wave

  1. It is a Transverse weave consists of Electric Field and Magnetic field
  2. It undergoes reflection, refraction, and diffraction
  3. Electromagnetic waves travels at 3×10^8 m/s
  4. It does not need a medium to move

Rainbow Colors


Colour Wavelength (nm)
Red 700
Orange 640
Yellow 580
Green 520
Blue 460
Indigo 440
Violet 400


Important Note:

All electromagnetic spectrum obey. Light source consist a lot of waves such as radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible spectrum………..gamma ray. The frequencies of the electromagnetic waves are proportional to the strength of frequency

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