Program Latih Tubi PT3 – Mathematics


Hi, guys good day to all parents and students. The  Program Latih Tubi PT3 is part of the E-Nota Tuisyen. Students will be exposed to various HOTS Questions by joining our program. Answers will be provided to all our students. To make downloading really simple, we will attach the questions in the Google Drive. Do keep coming back from time to time because more exercises will be uploaded weekly. 

What is in Program Latih Tubi PT3 Untuk Metamatik

  1. Frequent Updates on Math Notes
  2. Student can download the Questions.
  3. Student is unable to download the Answers. You can view it

(This is a new program- We hope it will keep students busy). Join today we will grant you (FREE Science Notes Form 1 + Form 3)

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