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  • We have updated another 4 more exercises for Bahasa Melayu year 4. These are sources from the internet. We hope students can benefit from using the exercises and notes. Teacher too can download it for free for […]

    Often parents call and seek consultation regarding their kids failing to perform well academically in school after the Covid 19 pandemic. Although most […]

  • Penang Coding Class
    Skorminda Tuition Centre will be providing coding class this year. The classs is suitable for kids ranging from 10 to 15 years old. It is not hard to learn coding, it is good to learn coding […]

  • We will be launching the new time table starting January 2022. Students are encourage to participate in the class and learn as much as possible.  Most of the classes are UPSR and SPM classes focusing to help […]

  • Are you planning for break. Here is the list of school holidays both national and state declared holidays. We do really have lots of holidays in Malaysia.


  • Here is the latest time table for the tuition 2021. Just for information we will officially start on the 15 January 2021

    Number of students in a class: 6-8 students
    Price list: RM 55-70/ subject
    Discount: […]

    These are all the test paper from 1995 till 2007. Please understand that answer have not been proof read. The test papers are past year test papers which may be outdated but students can use […]

  • Istilah Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris bagi mata pelajaran Sains dan Matematik. Pelajar bolehlah muat turun PDF dengan mudah dengan menekan link dibawah.

    Perkataan Dan Daftar Istilah Sains BM-BI […]

  • Plants are like any other living organism. They need to reproduce. Male reproductive organ of flowers are filament and anthers while female reproductive are stigma, ovary ovule. Students  must learn how to label […]

  • Kertas 1 UPSR Matematik untuk latih tubi. Latih tubi dapat membantu pelajar mengenal soalan peperiksaan dari awal tahun. Terdapat pelbagai topik bagi bacaan para pelajar


  • Latih Tubi Matematik (Lifetime Purchase) – Buy Once and enjoy Unlimited Updates
    This is a limited offer for new comers. This offer may not be forever. 

    DLP – Math (English and Malay)
    At the prese […]


    Periodic Table has Groups and Periods
    Groups are from 1 to 18 . Roman Groups are (I to VIII)
    There are 7 periods in the periodic tables

    Going from Left to right of periodic table:
    What happens to the […]

  • Electromagnetic Wave for SPM Students
    Electromagnetism is the relationship between Electric and Magnet. If you are wondering about cartoons magnet which you used to stick memo onto your fridge, that was permanent […]

  • So you want to learn more about noun and its classification. Here are  some of proper noun. Why is it wrong to call someone a “bitch” and a “dog” ?

  • Here are the list of DSKP KSSR outline by our Malaysian Gov. Teachers and parents are advised to use this as their reference. Make sure you are following the school syllabus.

    DSKP-Sains-Tahun-6-SJKT […]

  • As you have known there will not be any spot question this year; both UPSR and PT3 have cancelled. We will only focus on SPM this year. The Soalan Ramalan will only be reveal in our our sister website […]

  • We have just updated all our students on the latest worksheets. All the worksheets will be distributed via our online class. Those who wants to get our exercises with answers, please subscribe for the E-Nota […]

  • We will release on 2/5/2020. Free Exercises for Download. www. E-Nota Tuisyen. If you miss our PT3 (Latest KSSR Math Notes), we will not be distributing it again. Pleas subscribe to the mailing list […]

    Get weekly notes directly from our tuition centre. Why spend a lot of money buying books when you can enjoy fresh notes directly from our tuition centre.  With E-Nota Tuisyen, students […]

  • Intensive IGCSE Course + School Leaving Certificate
    Join our Online IGCSE class and get a School Leaving Certificate . Yes we are serious because we collaborate with International school and we are able to help […]

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