Grammar Quantifier

There have been many confusion when we use ‘a lot of’ and ‘plenty of’. The usage can confusing when they both have similar meaning but the application would be different. Please go through the material to compare and distinguish the usage of a lot of and plenty of. These expressions have similar meanings to the determiners much, many and most, but the grammar is not quite the same. Of is used after these expressions even before nouns with no determiner. Compare: Plenty of shops open on Sunday mornings. (NOT Plenty shops …) Many shops open on Sunday mornings. (NOT Many of shops …) […]

Seminar Phsyics 2012

Seminar 2012, is one of the most aggressive seminar in Penang. The seminar is all about Physics and focus on how to improve from Failing to Scoring A +. Form 4 and Form 5 students need to attend this seminar because you will sure benefit from the brief discussion on the following topics. We will be having more seminar from time to time. PHYSICS SUCCESS COACHING FOR SPM 2012 The class is meant for student who has difficulty in studying physics. Learn the concept for this chapter for as low as RM 50. It takes school 3 months to complete […]

Soalan Ramalan PMR 2012

If you are looking for Soalan Ramalan 2012 or trial papers for PMR this year. Please do not hesitate to stop by our website for the latest information. You can received a token of appreciation by sharing with us your school trial papers. Please share your trial papers by dropping it into our mailbox at We will be giving rewards for those who contribute their exam papers for the benefits of Malaysian students. How you can contribute Trial Papers from Schools for UPSR 2012, PMR 2012 and SPM 2012 Please send it to Name: Contact Information: Email:

Global Warming and the Sea SPM 2012

Read up this article in the science daily. It is regarding the impact of over emission of Carbon Dioxide and how the sea acts as a buffer to absorb excessive carbon dioxide emission. The study shows that the more the sea absorb the carbon dioxide, the higher the  acidic value in the ocean water. Habitat will destroy and natural chemistry in the sea water will change. We are not sure what will happen next but scientist are not sitting around doing nothing to prevent this from happening. Scientist predict that the increase of carbon dioxide will heat up the Earth by FIVE […]

Soalan Ramalan SPM 2012

Beberapa hari kebelakangan ini, orang ramai mula heboh memperkatakan mengenai fenomena ponteng sekolah di kalangan pelajar. Isu ini mula mendapat tempat di media massa apabila Pengarah Pelajaran sebuah negeri membuat kenyataan bahawa separuh daripada pelajar di sebuah sekolah ponteng pada hari Khamis dan Jumaat. Isu tersebut semakin mendapat perhatian apabila seorang Timbalan Menteri menyatakan bahawa guru yang tidak pandai mengajar menjadi punca utama peningkatan peratusan pelajar yang ponteng sekolah ini ibarat makan gaji buta. Persoalannya, benarkah guru yang tidak pandai mengajar menjadi punca mengapa pelajar ponteng? Punca utama pelajar ponteng sekolah ialah kurangnya minat untuk bersekolah. Kebanyakan pelajar ini mempunyai […]

UPSR 2012 – Mathematics

Why are students weak in Mathematics? There are many more reason why students aren’t performing well in the field of calcuation. To evaluate your child, we have come up with a systematic program where students can benefit and improve math almost more than 50% within a month of drill classes. We promise 50% of improvement within the first month!! Methodology to Improve within a month!! It takes a little effort but it is all worth your time if you are keen to improve. This method will be helpful for those students in standard 4. Provide exercises of Addition and Subtraction. […]

UPSR Science 2012 – How to Improve

Are you looking for UPSR Soalan Ramalan Science 2012? Yes you have come to the right place to look for the answer. We are still in the midst of preparing the questions and do wish to share out our analysis as time draw near to exam. OH YES all the forecast tips  will only help those students who have done their revision. Please do your own revision while waiting for our tips to be published What should you do while waiting for our exam tips Visit our website for the past year trial papers and start working on it Remember to subscribe […]

Animal Cell and Plant Cell

Here are some information about Animal Cell and Plant cell. Micro organism can be categorized as plant or animal. All the animal cell and plant cell have different characteristics. Animal cell usually hunts for food while plant cell are normally auto tropic (produces food with the presence of sunlight) . Some of the microorganism are saprophytic too which feeds on dead carcasses. Animal Cell Cell Membrane: Control the movement of material in and out of cell Cytoplasm: All chemical reactions take place Nucleus: Controls all cellular activities Plant Cell Cell Membrane: Control the movement of material in and out of cell Cytoplasm: All chemical reactions take […]

Home Schooling in Penang

Home Schooling Tutoring is growing in demand ever year. While many of you are unaware, you can send your children for quality home schooling tutoring in Penang. We are able to recommend good home schooling program for your child. There are only limited number of home schooling program in Malaysia.  Do call us if you are in Penang. We can help to give you some recommendation to help your child to kick start her home schooling program. Who are we? We are education consultant helping parents to seek for quality home School program We will also play our part to provide […]

Lightest Matter in the World

A metallic lattice of hair-thin pipes is now the lightest solid yet created — less dense than air, scientists revealed. The strategy used to create these intricate structures could lead to revolutionary materials of extraordinary strength and lightness, including ones made of diamond, researchers added. Ultra-lightweight materials such as foams are widely used in thermal insulation and to dampen sounds, vibrations and shocks. They can also serve as scaffolds for battery electrodes and catalytic systems. The very lightest substances in the world until now, aerogels, have the ethereal nickname “frozen smoke.” They can reach densities of 1 milligram per cubic centimeter, […]

Bahasa Melayu Tatabahasa

Looks like there is a huge demand for this book. The book is suitable for those in std 5 till std 6. A very comprehensive book cater to help those who are keen to master Bahasa Melayu. This books is written by one of the Skor Minda Teacher. If you are a SkorMinda Student, please purchase it from your tuition teacher. However, non Skor Minda students can purchase the books in this website About The Book Written by Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda Author Mr Kenny (Snr Bahasa Melayu Teacher) Total number of Questions 580 ++ Questions Price: RM 50 Format: […]

Preparation of Soap

Hypothesis:  Prepare by boiling a mixture of coconut oil and Sodium Hydroxide Aim:  Prepare sample of Soap using oil and Hydroxide Solution Apparatus: Bunsen Burner, Tripod Stand, retort stand with clamp, wire gauze, two beakers, filter funnel, glass rod, spatula Method Heat up the cooking Oil. Make sure the cooking oil is at 100 Celsius. Then add Sodium Hydroxide into the solution and stir. The solution will start to be sticky. Eventually continue to stir (Use an electric blender to stir it). Mix some fragrance and colouring and continue to stir. Once the soap reaches trace you can pour it […]


MRSM Trial Paper for 2010, the link has been taken from MARA website. You may visit for more information. KERTAS PERCUBAAN SPM 2010 Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Inggeris Matematik Kertas 1 Kertas 1 Kertas 1 Kertas 2 Kertas 2 Kertas 2 Sejarah Pendidikan Islam Matematik Tambahan Kertas 1 Kertas 1 Kertas 1 Kertas 2 Kertas 2 Kertas 2 Kimia Fizik Biologi Kertas 1 Kertas 1 Kertas 1 Kertas 2 Kertas 2 Kertas 2 Kertas 3 Kertas 3 Kertas 3 Prinsip Akaun EST Pendidikan Moral Kertas 1 Kertas 1 Kertas 1 Kertas 2 Kertas 2 Kertas 3 Tasawwur Islam Kertas 1 […]

SPM Trial Papers 2011

These are some of the SPM Trial Papers. Hope all the students will benefit from it. All the papers are derived from third party website. Use at your own risk [Bahasa Melayu Kertas 2] : JawapanKertas 2 [English Paper 1] [English Paper 2] : Answers Kertas 1;Kertas 2 [Mathematics Paper 1] [Mathematics Paper 2] Answer : Paper 1; Paper 2 [Sejarah Kertas 1] [Sejarah Kertas 2] Jawapan Kertas 1;Kertas 2 (A);Kertas 2 (B) [Sains Kertas 1] [Sains Kertas 2] JawapanKertas 1 & 2 [Biology Paper 1] [Biology Paper 2] [Biology Paper 3]: Answer: Paper 1;Paper 2; Paper 3 [Chemistry Paper […]

PMR Trial Paper 2011

These are the collection of trial paper from 3rd Party Website. We will not held responsible for any information distributed from the website. We hope that students will benefit from the collection of trial paper for PMR 2011. Examination Papers) Matematik Percubaan PMR Kedah 2011 (dan Jawapan) Sejarah Percubaan PMR Kedah 2011 dan Jawapan Bahasa Melayu Percubaan PMR Kedah 2011 dan Jawapan Sains Percubaan PMR Kedah 2011 (dan Jawapan) Sains Percubaan PMR Kedah 2011 dan Jawapan Sains Percubaan PMR Kedah 2011 Bahasa Inggeris Percubaan PMR Kedah 2011 dan Jawapan Bahasa Inggeris Percubaan PMR Kedah 2011 Trial From Kedah Bahasa Malaysia […]

Top Private and International Schools in Malaysia

Some of the Private and International Schools in Malaysia. I believe there are more private and international schools in Malaysia so write in the comments and get the school listed here. Private Schools are schools which follows the KBSM syllabus while the International schools follows the curriculum which are not Malaysian Syllabus. Sri Rafelsia Melaka International Schools ELC International Schools Fairview International Schools Sekolah Sri Olympia Sekolah Sri KDU Kinderland Malaysia Hils Learning Nexus International School Ara International School Kits4 Kids Foundataion KL Internationl Kids Club St John’s International School The Internationla School @ Parkcity Breakthru Enrichment Station Honsbridge Academy Petaling […]

Skor Minda Books For Sale

Looking for Books? Skorminda Bookshop provides educational books for students in UPSR, PMR and SPM. Our books are study module which will help students to improve in their studies. Unless you attend our tuition class, these are the study module used in our tuition class. Nota Perdana is meant for Standard 5 and Standard 6 students. Consist of 3 Books, Monthly papers form PTSM and even our Trial Papers. If you are keen to follow our class in Penang, you may subscribe our books.   About this Book ********************** – All the books are in PDF files – Comprise of […]

Electromagnetic Wave

This diagram will demonstrate the size of wavelength in electromagnetic wave. AS the size of the wavelength increases, the energy decreases. You can use this chart to further understand the position of infrared, radio wave, visible light, gamma rays and  ultra violets

PMR Soalan Percubaan 2010 provides the link to all the exam papers across malalaysia. None of the exam papers are located in our server. You free to link the file as you wish. We hope students can benefit from practicing the trial papers. We hold no liability for the accuracy of the trial papers. Use at your own risk PMR Terrenganu 2010 Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Inggeris Mathematics Sejarah Q&A Geografi Science Q&A Pendidikan Islam 1 Q&A Math Kedah Perak Sbah paper 1 Sabah paper 1 Answer Sabah paper 2 Sabah Paper 2 Answer Sarawak Kertas Soalan Peperiksaan Percubaan PMR 2010 Science – Negeri Johor […]

Skor Minda Tuition Center Drill Class

We emphasized in quality education rather than quality education. Skor Mind helps students to do well in exams. We help students to excel academically. Our tuition center focus not only on smart students but weak students too. We do not leave weak students out but play bigger role to help those who are really in help to excel. Com and join our class. TIME TABLE FOR NOVEMBER CLASS ONLY GENERAL WEEKDAYS CLASS Form 1 Bahasa Melayu Monday 9.00-10.30 PM English Saturday 2.30-4.00 PM Science Sunday 5.30-7.00 PM Math Sunday 7.00-8.30 PM Form 2 Bahasa Melayu Thursday 7.30- 9.00 PM English […]

How to Answer UPSR Science Paper II

How to score UPSR Science Paper II ?  Many students are facing problems when answering the Paper II because they have not understand the proper technique in answering the exam papers. Simple Tips to Answer Paper II a) What is the Aim of the experiment? b) What is the Hypothesis of the experiment? c) What is the Inference? d) What is the Observation? e) What is the conclusion from the experiment? How to answer all the questions? Aim: To Study the relationship between + (Manipulated Variable) + (Responding Variable) Hypothesis: When + (Manipulate Variable) + then what happens to the  […]

Science: Presence of Starch in the leaf

Presence of Starch from the leaves can be demonstrated below:. We picked the leaf which has green, pink and yellow. Look at the leaves below. Our experiment is to determine the presence of starch in the leaves. The experiment was conducted with 4 students where we allow the students to explore the presence of starch in the plants Step 1: First we had to place the leaf in boiling water for a minute to soften it. To soften the leaves and break down the cell wall Step 2: Once that is done, we place the leaf into a new test-tube […]

Effects of Drinking too much of Water

What happens when you consume too much of water? Does it brings more good to your health? Hyponatraemia Hyponatremia is a metabolic condition in which there is not enough sodium (salt) in the body fluids outside the cells. The effects of drinking too much water can cause instant death which can be terrifying. When we drink too much water, the salt level drops due to dilution of water. When the amount of sodium in fluids outside cells drops, water moves into the cells to balance the levels. This causes the cells to swell with too much water. Although most cells […]

Form 5 Math Chapter 1

Yes, One of the most important chapter in Form 5 first lesson in class. Understanding Number Bases Base 2 Base 5 Base 8 How to do conversion from one base to another without the usage of computer …………………………………………… Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda Basic Notes …………………………………………………. Number Bases As for Form 5,we are most interested to learn base number for Base 2, Base 5, and Base 8. The Base 2 is also known as Binary Number and Base 8 is known as OCTAL number. Number with Base 10 example: 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , […]

Biology Trial Paper 2010

All the trial papers are taken from 3rd source party. does not hold any of the test paper in our database. The Test paper have not been verified. Please use it at your own discretion. Kertas 1, Percubaan SPM 2010, SBP Kertas 2, Percubaan SPM 2010, SBP Kertas 3, Percubaan SPM 2010, SBP Kertas 1, Percubaan SPM 2010, Kelantan Kertas 2, Percubaan SPM 2010, Kelantan Kertas 3, Percubaan SPM 2010, Kelantan Kertas 1, Percubaan SPM 2010, Johor Kertas 2, Percubaan SPM 2010, Johor Kertas 1, Percubaan SPM 2010, Perak Kertas 2, Percubaan SPM 2010, Perak Kertas 3, Percubaan […]

SBP 2008

The source is taken for the third party website. Please refer below for the third party website. All information related from third party have not been proof read by We do not bare any responsibility for any inaccuracy of the information Phsyics Kertas 1, Percubaan SPM 2008, Sek Berasrama Penuh Kertas 2, Percubaan SPM 2008, Sek Berasrama Penuh Kertas 3, Percubaan SPM 2008, Sek Berasrama Penuh Kimia Kertas 1, Percubaan SPM 2008, Sek Berasrama Penuh Kertas 2, Percubaan SPM 2008, Sek Berasrama Penuh Kertas 3, Percubaan SPM 2008, Sek Berasrama Penuh Biology Kertas 1, Percubaan SPM 2008, Sek Berasrama […]