UPSR Trial Paper 2013 All States

Here is the list of UPSR Trial Paper 2013 for all the states in Malaysia. You may want to consider to download the papers to help your students. Please be reminded that we do not provide answers to those papers which have no answers. On top of this, the trial papers have not been undergone any editorial process by NOTE: Get A Copy of Exam Tips from Synopsis: uses the trial papers to help them to forecast the exam tips. You may want to get a copy of Exam Tips for 2013       Johor BM […]

Soalan Percubaan PMR 2013

Soalan Percubaan PMR 2013  Penang, Kelantan, Johor, Selangor, Kedah, Sarawak will be uploaded very soon. Some of the schools are using their own paper while others are collaboration from several schools.  Thanks for visiting. Please come back in two weeks time for the latest updates on the PMR 2013. Not to forget… Purchase this… Super good. Due to Raya Promotion we are selling this out at only RM 50.00 a book. Please book now Raya Promotion  Printed Copy RM 50.00 Delivery After Raya (3 working days after Raya) Only Valid up from  7 August  – 13 August.  

Kerja Kursus Add Math 2013

Here is the solutions for the Kerja Kursus Add Math 2013. You are most welcome to download the sample Answer. Anyway, I hope the last minute upload will help some of the students to do well project. Importantly, Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda would like to inform that the Kerja Kursus was not proof read by any third party and we cant guarantee that the information was accurate due to last minute rush to help you out. Why are we sharing the project? The project is meant to guide students to learn the concept of statistics. While some of the students […]

Bearing Math SPM

Trying to understand how bearing works ? You can look into this material. A very simple and direct to the point. When measuring bearing, it is always important to identify the North. Once you have know the north, calculation of bearing will be really simple You can click download by clicking the following icon.

Nota Sejarah Tingkatan 1 , 2 3

Hi guys…. you can download some of the nota sejarah from our site. The nota sejarah can be really helpful for last minute revision. Wish you guys have a great time and do come back to visit for more updates!!!… We bring the latest and hottest educational news Tingkatan 1 Nota Sejarah (Download) Tingkatan 2 Nota Sejarah (Download) Tingkatan 3 Nota Sejarah (Download)  

Wireless Charger for Cellphone

There is no great science behind the wireless charger. The technology has been dated back to even Faraday’s time. The technology behind the wireless charger is base on electromagnetic. Using the DC to AC technology, we can charge phone just just placing it on the electromagnetic pad. Say bye bye to the old “USB Charger”. You can learn more if you have learn about Electromagnetic Theory in Form 5 SPM book.

Year 1- Year 4 Math Games

Hi there, skorminda and Edunovice has come up with simple game for Year 1 to Year 4 students. You can just click to download our own version of monopooly form our website. It is not the best or the greatest monopoly, however this is the best game we can come up with for our students. They love this very much. We hope it does to you to0

Research Report Format

CHECKLIST FOR EVALUATING A RESEARCH REPORT THE TITLE The title of the research report is not concise and not clear. Since the research focus so much on the Adobe Captivate, the title of the report should clearly elaborate more on how Adobe Activate provide the solution for teachers in multimedia environment. Remark: Not Concise! Is the author trying to evaluate the simplicity of multimedia design or how the Adobe Captivate helps in instructional multimedia design?

Difference between Mixture and Compound

Difference between Mixture and Compound The question is what is the difference between mixture and compound. The big difference between mixture and compound is the chemical properties. A mixture does not change the chemical properties while compound changes the chemical properties of a substance. A mixture does not form new subtance which makes it easy to isolate physically. However a compound is chemically bonded, pysical isolation is impossible which brings us to 3 types of isolation technique which are Electrolysis, Heating and Metal Displacement method. Examples of mixture are a. Milo + water –> Milo + Water b. Syrup + […]

Matematik Tahun 4 Soalan

These are some of the Standard 4 Math test papers and the course module for PBS. You may want to download it. Have a nice day guys. Practice makes perfect and we intend to make it this way. We hope you will benefit from this exercises. On top of this, lets stay focus and practice hard. Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 4

Probing into Karangan SPM 2013

Looking at the standard of ‘Karangan’ surprises many teachers. The standard of ‘Karangan’ for Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1 dropped since the title was recycled from UPSR and PMR papers!!!  Why are the panels in SPM board do not take the initiative to provide a better quality questions? would like the ministry of education to probe into the quality of “BM Kertas 1″.payday loans We hope the quality of SPM papers can be further improved because this is the crucial point where we can prove to the world that our Malaysian students are ready for tertiary education.  

Student Insurance

Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda would like to introduce Insurance plan  and Medicare for students across Malaysia. Due to the rising cost of living and medical expenses, we would like parents to invest some of their income in their child healthcare. It is important to stay healthy all the time sine children is parents biggest assets. What are the investment for your child Education Investment Plan Healthcare / Insurance Plan Tuition Books and revision books    

Why does the Electron does not fall into Proton

Dear students, I need to address this urgency as most of the school teachers are teaching the wrong concept to the students. They make students confuse with the Neil Bohr theory which was absolute years ago. The diagram below is kind of incorrect base on the latest finding. Electrons do not orbit in this motion. Look at below… The electrons does not move like how the Earth rotates around the Sun. Rutherford and Neil Bohr were wrong because if it is, then the electrons will finally collapse. We cant view the electron like how we view the planets orbits the […]

Electrostatic Precipitator

This device is used to clean the gas from the factory’s discharge. The gas will be filtered and clean before releasing to the environment. The particles from the gas is remove using electrostatic force. A negative voltage of several thousand volts is applied between wire and plate. If the applied voltage is high enough an electric (corona) discharge ionizes the gas around the electrodes. Negative ions flow to the plates and charge the gas-flow particles. The ionized particles, following the negative electric field created by the power supply, move to the grounded plates.

Nota Ringkas for Science PMR

Additional Links to some of the PMR Nota Ringkas. Hope you guys are able to use this. Quite good.  The source are taken from Use at your own risk. So far we have check thorough and there are no mistakes. Kind of one of the best notes to use for last minute revision. Nota-nota Ringkas PMR Klik pautan untuk muat turun : Nota Ringkas Sains Form 1 & Form 2 ( B.I ) Nota Ekpress Sains PMR Form 1 & Form 2 Nota Sains PMR Notes Science Form 1 Notes Form 1 – Science Notes Science Form 2 Notes Science […]

Trial Papers SPM

Trial papers collected by several websites. I hope you can use it to complete your work  JOHOR 2010 ? Johor SPM2010 Trial Maths P1 &P2 Q&A View Download source – koleksisoalan.blogspot – thanks Sep 29, 2010 7:51 PM  KEDAH 2010 ? Kedah SPM 2010 Trial Maths P1 View Contribution by Mr Jau Kok Chiang, SMK Bkt Selambau, Kedah. TQVM Sep 23, 2010 3:52 AM ? Kedah SPM 2010 Trial Maths P1 Answers View Maths P1 Answers Sep 23, 2010 3:52 AM ? Kedah SPM 2010 Trial Maths P2 View Contribution by Mr Jau Kok Chiang, SMK Bkt. Selambau, Kedah. Thank […]

SBP Trial paper 2011

SBP Trial Paper for 2011, Great piece along with the answer provided. Practice makes perfect. Hope you guys will like it. Please understand that we only provide links to the dowload source. We do not store this paper in our webhosting. Thanks Bahasa Melayu Q&A Bahasa Inggeris Q&A Mathematics Modern Q&A Additional Mathematics Q&A Sejarah Q&A Physics Q&A Chemistry Q&A Biology Q&A Pendidikan Islam Q&A Pendidikan Moral (Question only) Prinsip Akaun Q&A 

Trial Paper Modern Math

  Looking for Trial Paper in Perak. Here you go.. you can download the trial paper for Modern Math and start your practice today. Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda is having a drilling session and we are moving forward to help OUR students to get prepared for SPM . If you are residing in Penang, please do take the effort to join our class. We are happy to help to drill you to SUCCESS. We are situated in Farlim, Ayer Itam. Bahasa Cina Q&A Bahasa Melayu Q&A Bahasa Inggeris Q&A Mathematics Modern Q&A Additional Mathematics Q&A Sejarah Q&A Physics Q&A Chemistry […]

Soalan Matematik Tahun 5

Buku Nota Perdana dapat membantu pelajar dalam mata pelajaran Matematik Tahun 5 dan Tahun 6. Terdapat pelbagai soalan yang mencabar di dalam buku ini. Soalan soalan di dalam buku Nota Perdana telah disusun dengan rapi berdasaran aspek “konsep” KSSR.  Buku Not Perdana merupakan sebuah buku “modul PTSM (Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda)” yang bertujuan untuk membantu pelajar  di tahun 5 dan tahun 6. Kualiti Buku: Soalan-soalan mencabar Soalan soalan asli berdasarkan sukatan pelajaran KBSR Hasil titik peluh guru guru Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda Buku Nota perdana sangat sesuai bagi pelajar SK dan SJKC

Soalan Ramalan UPSR 2012

There have been many “Soalan Ramalan UPSR 2012″ searches today. In google itself shows that there are 79 000 records from all over Malaysia. Most of primary school teachers and students spend their time in the internet hoping to get a glimpse of good tips and trend for this year. As UPSR is approaching the corner, Skor Minda would like to recommend parents to purchase a copy of UPSR Exam Tips 2012. We have great success for many years and we hope to repeat this this year To Purchase this BOOK. Please visit. WWW.TIPSEXAM.COM Note: The Exam Tips above (Tips […]

Soalan Percubaan 2012

We are still scouting for the Soalan Percubaan 2012 for PMR and SPM.  If you are keen to be in our panel to provide links to trial papers, we will be most welcome to help you out to distribute information online. Oh Yes we will place credits to your link and even the link to your website if you have the recent 2012 Trial papers all over Malaysia. . Drop a mail to Please Provide your Name: Email: Website Link:

Physics Heat SPM

Understand the concept of. This is a chapter where students will try to grasp the difference between Heat and Temperature. Many students still fail to understand what is the difference although teachers have taught them that Heat is a measurement of Energy while temperature is the measurement of Celsius. a)      Heat b)      Temperature There are few instrument which can be used to measure Heat a)      Lab Thermometer b)      Clinical Thermometer What is the difference between Clinical Thermometer and Lab Thermometer? Clinical thermometer is used to measure body temperate which can range from 26 Celsius to 38 Celsius. Lab thermometer is […]

How to study effectively

What is the right technique to learn ? The chart below will demonstrate why some students are faster learner and do better in school compared to their peers. Knowledge is all about sharing, by sharing you introduce inductive learning which far better than going to school or tuition . I hope students can share their knowledge and help other students after looking into this chart.  We are referring to output learning instead of input learning

Grammar Quantifier

There have been many confusion when we use ‘a lot of’ and ‘plenty of’. The usage can confusing when they both have similar meaning but the application would be different. Please go through the material to compare and distinguish the usage of a lot of and plenty of. These expressions have similar meanings to the determiners much, many and most, but the grammar is not quite the same. Of is used after these expressions even before nouns with no determiner. Compare: Plenty of shops open on Sunday mornings. (NOT Plenty shops …) Many shops open on Sunday mornings. (NOT Many of shops …) […]

Seminar Phsyics 2012

Seminar 2012, is one of the most aggressive seminar in Penang. The seminar is all about Physics and focus on how to improve from Failing to Scoring A +. Form 4 and Form 5 students need to attend this seminar because you will sure benefit from the brief discussion on the following topics. We will be having more seminar from time to time. PHYSICS SUCCESS COACHING FOR SPM 2012 The class is meant for student who has difficulty in studying physics. Learn the concept for this chapter for as low as RM 50. It takes school 3 months to complete […]

Soalan Ramalan PMR 2012

If you are looking for Soalan Ramalan 2012 or trial papers for PMR this year. Please do not hesitate to stop by our website for the latest information. You can received a token of appreciation by sharing with us your school trial papers. Please share your trial papers by dropping it into our mailbox at We will be giving rewards for those who contribute their exam papers for the benefits of Malaysian students. How you can contribute Trial Papers from Schools for UPSR 2012, PMR 2012 and SPM 2012 Please send it to Name: Contact Information: Email:

Global Warming and the Sea SPM 2012

Read up this article in the science daily. It is regarding the impact of over emission of Carbon Dioxide and how the sea acts as a buffer to absorb excessive carbon dioxide emission. The study shows that the more the sea absorb the carbon dioxide, the higher the  acidic value in the ocean water. Habitat will destroy and natural chemistry in the sea water will change. We are not sure what will happen next but scientist are not sitting around doing nothing to prevent this from happening. Scientist predict that the increase of carbon dioxide will heat up the Earth by FIVE […]

Soalan Ramalan SPM 2012

Beberapa hari kebelakangan ini, orang ramai mula heboh memperkatakan mengenai fenomena ponteng sekolah di kalangan pelajar. Isu ini mula mendapat tempat di media massa apabila Pengarah Pelajaran sebuah negeri membuat kenyataan bahawa separuh daripada pelajar di sebuah sekolah ponteng pada hari Khamis dan Jumaat. Isu tersebut semakin mendapat perhatian apabila seorang Timbalan Menteri menyatakan bahawa guru yang tidak pandai mengajar menjadi punca utama peningkatan peratusan pelajar yang ponteng sekolah ini ibarat makan gaji buta. Persoalannya, benarkah guru yang tidak pandai mengajar menjadi punca mengapa pelajar ponteng? Punca utama pelajar ponteng sekolah ialah kurangnya minat untuk bersekolah. Kebanyakan pelajar ini mempunyai […]