Bladeless Fan for Kindy

Kindy or Day Care Centre should have bladeless fan. It is safer and beauty in design. Comparing to the traditional fan, a bladeless fan  is slightly more expansive but the advantages outweighs the price due to the safety features. This type of fan is suitable for kindy, daycare and primary schools too. Who should have it Kindy Day Care Old Folks home Primary School Nursery Museum Restaurant

UPSR Science – Eclipse

UPSR Science Notes for the Eclipse consist of Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse. You will need to download the notes here and use it for your revision. Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse can be seen by using pinhole projector. You can easily made one. Try avoiding from directly looking into the sun. Avoid (You may be blind) Negative Film Floppy disc Sun glasses

Drill Class UPSR, PT3, SPM

Drill class for Math, Science, Add Math and Physics. We are conducting massive learning strategy to score in UPSR, PT3 and SPM. The class will be weekly class where we emphasized tropical learning and exam orientated activities. Module will be given and we will ensure every students score in exam. Drill Class UPSR MATH  1.00-12.30 pm (Sunday) PT3 SCIENCE & MATH 2.30 -5.30 (Sunday) SPM PHYSICS TUESDAY 9.00-10.30 (Tuesday) ADD MATH TUESDAY 9.00-10.30  (Thursday) Our drill class is a combo class. We are allocating 1 hour for tropical exam and another 30 minutes for SPM Review. All the lecture notes […]

Fraction for Year 6 UPSR Worksheet

Here is a simple worksheet for UPSR students. The worksheet is just a simple worksheets however if you have purchase the Nota perdana, there are tons of other worksheets with Answers. You can download the worksheets for the FRACTION via the download link below. We hope the worksheets will help you to do better in your coming exam Worksheets Title: Fractions Suitable for Year : 5 & 6 (UPSR) Download Link:  Worksheet1 ,  Worksheet 2

How did Inmarsat detects MH370

Base on the report from Inmersat, the complex calculation which determine the location of the flight MH370 ended in Hindi Ocean. Inmersat claimed high probability of crash site base on Dopler Effect. So what is Dopler Effect ? What is the concept which shows the final location of the MH370. Dopler effect is a mathematical calculation base on the wavelength/frequency of the wave. Since you know that satellite is above the Hindi Ocean (Stationary Satalleite) and there will constant “handshake/ping” between the satellite and the plane, the analysis in the flight 370 observed the last ping/handshake and determine the wavelength […]

Form 3 Science Notes Chaper 2

Blood Circulatory is one of the easiest chapter. Today a student asked me how does White blood cell helps to protect our body from viral and bacterial attack. How many types of white blood cells are there ? What is vaccine and what is immunity. Here are some fo the notes which i feel it is useful to you

Kuntum Review UPSR Sample Questions English

I discovered this in the internet regarding Kuntum (Popular Student’s Magazine for UPSR students). I have been using this in my teaching resource for the past 5 years and it is super effective. The Kuntum magazine is really good for UPSR students because the authors did a super great job exposing students mistake. If you are buying KUNTUM, dun forget to purchase our Nota Perdana. Please view our Nota Pandana  

New Teaching Method Tutorial Class

Yes, this year PTSM will be working hard with new teaching method. We are finally ready to adopt  new teaching method where we guarantee a minimum of 40% improvement inf student results by year end. The statistics gathered are base on various calculation and we are happy to share with off of you how we are going to achieve the 40% improvement. 40% derivation is base on the following 8 key points Early exposure to the next chapter. 5% Coursework and assignment 5% A good feedback system in the courses and module 5% Well documented using PBS system 5% Usage […]

Starting School 2014

Parents are rushing to schools and some are planning to enroll in tuition center. If you are looking for effective tutoring, don’t forget to join Skor Minda Tuition Center. We offers the following program Math Science Physics Chemistry Biology Add Math Bahasa Melayu English STPM Math S&T STPM Chemistry STPM Biology We are conducting class from Form 1 Till Form 6. Please check the time table at the top of the page. Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda Registered under the MOE. Ministry of Education Tel: 012-4594388

Holiday Program Std 4,5 & 6

Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda would like to invite all students ranging from Standard 4 – 6 to join our Science & English Program. This program is super fantastic because it helps the young students to LOVE Science. Early exposure is good because students will be filled with exciting and creative science knowledge at the young age. Science class provides early exposure to technical experiments. English class based on British curriculum under Cambridge program and conducted by international school teacher. Equipment and materials provided. Price RM 270.00 Fine Print Redemption period: Dec 7, 2013 – Dec 28, 2013. Bookings must be […]

Important: Coping with Last minute Study

You must be wondering how to study 3 days before exam. Here i would like to provide some study tips how you can excel easily. Here are the simple steps you may need to follow Only applicable to conceptual subject. Not for calculation subject Do not use text book to study for last minute Look a the reference book and look at the front page topics and sub topics From each of the sub topics, try to use your own words and describe how much you can remember Once complete, open your reference book and compare. You will be able […]

SPM Trial Paper 2013

Here are the list of trial papers from external source. Please go through it wisely. 2013 SPM Trial Exam Papers, Question Forecast, Notes, Tips (Soalan Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM 2013, Tip,  Negeri Sembilan English [Question, Answer] Mathematics [Question, Answer] History [Question, Answer] Biology [Question, Answer] Basic Economy [Question, Answer] Islamic Education [K1, K2, Skema] Chinese Language [Question, Answer] Moral Education [Question, Answer] Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP) Bahasa Inggeris [K1 K2, K1, K2, Skema: K1 K2, K1, K2] Matematik [K1, K2, Skema: K1, K2] Sejarah [K1, K2, K3, Skema: K1, K2] Biologi [K1, K2, K3, Skema Pemarkahan: K1, K2, K3] Prinsip Perakaunan [K1, K2, Skema] Pendidikan Islam [K1, K2, Skema: K1] Terengganu Bahasa Inggeris [Question, Answer] Matematik [Question, Answer, K1, K2] Sejarah [Question, Answer] Biologi [Question, Answer] Pendidikan […]

Best Projector for Tuition Centre

The best projector for the Tuition Centre. Reliable and ready to use the  price is approximately RM 1200 – RM 1600. If you are running your tuition centre you may want to try out this model.  BENQ DIGITAL DLP PROJECTOR (MS502). Cheap and reliable. Tuition centres need to invest in a good  projector because we are moving with time. A good projector will help to improve the learning ability  because most of the  students like to learn from watching and listening. They do no not like to write so a good visual presentation is a must in every classroom.  

Seminar A+ (SPM students Must Read)

Please LIKE our second page . You can get additional information through the seminar A + fanpage. We will share out the information in the new website. Share with your friends. How to get Free Tips? Goto Like our Fanpage We will post the information on your facebook wall. We wish to see you there    

SPM 2013 Sejarah Seminar

Good News, we we have Sejarah Seminar. If you are looking for help to answer paper 3, you might want to join our seminar. Impressive… we have managed to secure a good teacher who can assist  us to give a seminar. We are lucky to have Pn Low to help us out. We cant reveal which school she is teaching but we are glad she will be in our team. Kudos!!! Dont wait any longer. Join our seminar on the 13 of October. Secure a seat today.    

Sejarah Tingkatan 4 dan 5

Very good “Sejarah SPM” sources. Students can use this  as their study plan. Go through this.. .very impressive. The information below is meant for students to go through. The link is an external link from another website. This notes are believed to be prepared by “Panitia” sekolah. BAB 1 – [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 2 – [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 3 (SOALAN) – [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 3 (JAWAPAN) – [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 4 (SOALAN V.1) – [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 4 (SOALAN V.2) – [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 5 – [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 6 (SOALAN) – [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 6 (JAWAPAN) – [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 7 (SOALAN)– [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 7 (JAWAPAN) – [CLICK to DOWNLOAD] BAB 8 – [CLICK to […]

Penang Physics Trial Paper

Dear students. We are on the midst of releasing the exam papers to you guys. Please go through this as it is very important for your exam. The trial papers will help you in your exam. Come back tomorrow for the latest trial papers inclusive of answers  

MRSM Trials 2013

Dear students, we are on the midst of trying to get some MRSM questions. Do come back . We might be discussing the questions in the seminar. We are sorry because of our late updates. We hope this seminar will help students to do extraordinary good this year. This is one of the hottest seminar in Penang. SPM student will surely benefit from this program. Come join us today for an exciting learning experience.

SPM Trial Paper 2013

Dear students these are the Physics Trial Papers. I hope you find this useful. Pleaes be aware that we does not guarantee any guarantee that the external link is free from error SBP Fizik K1 + Skema SBP Fizik K2 + Skema SBP Fizik K3 + Skema Paper1_Paper2_Paper3_Answer Kertas Percubaan SPM 2013 SBP Kimia Kertas 1 Kertas Percubaan SPM 2013 SBP Kimia Kertas 2 Kertas Percubaan SPM 2013 SBP Kimia Kertas 3 Kertas Percubaan SPM 2013 SBP Kimia – Skema Jawapan Kertas Percubaan SPM 2013 Kedah Kimia K1 + Skema Kertas Percubaan SPM 2013 Kedah Kimia K2 + Skema  Kertas Percubaan SPM 2013 Negeri […]

All PMR Trial Papers 2013

Hi if you are looking for PMR Trial papers, you may want to download it fast. You can use the PMR 2013 trial papers. Anyway there are a total of 380MB of files from our mediafire server. Hopes it helps you to do your analysis. Skorminda believes in “Sharing is Caring”. Anyway please understand that the file shared have not been proof read. We cant guarantee the answers are 100% accurate.    

SPM Seminar 2013

Dear Students We are Launching our Seminar for SPM Students in USM. Details of Seminar can be view below Information: Registration starts  5th September 2013 – Limited Seats SPM  2013 TIPS/FOCUS ( 100% Effective ) – RM 150.00 Sahaja  Lecture starts 13 October 2013 :      9.00am – 5.00 pm Seminar: Bahasa Melayu, English, Math, Physics Paper Additional Tips:  Extra Tips from booklet (Sejarah, Chemistry, Biology, Add Math) Food will be provided. You can even Pay via direct bank in and SMS your details to us Step 1: Bank in RM 150 PUSAT TUISYEN SKOR MINDA Account Number : 507424008433 Step […]

IT Website Design For IGCSE Students

Having trouble with your IGCSE project. If you are required to set up a website for your IT project, you may want to consider Nova Web Design. They have been really committed to help more than 693 students across the globe to build affordable and reliable website for IGCSE students. On top of that, a written report will provided. What are the services to students How to design a website for your school project ( RM 250 per book) Web Design for School Project (RM 500) Web Design + Written Report (RM 1200) Web Application such as Programming (RM 250/ […]

SPM Physic Notes For Sale

Hi guys, we have come up with a book which only cost you RM 30.00. If you guys are interested in the book , you may want to purchase the book for last minute revision.  We cover all the chapters in your Form 4 and Form 5.     The Best Physic Book for Form 4 and Form 5 Price : RM 35                           Inside and Review **********************