New Format UPSR 2016

Here are the new format for the UPSR 2016.  You may download the new format from the MOE website.  We will be glad that teachers and parents start preparing  the student. From what i have observed, the syllabus has been upgraded and Year 6 students are requested to sit for the exam similar to the PMR examination. Teachers who are not equipped to teach in secondary school syllabus will have the biggest disadvantage and i can tell you…. only tuition center can guide the student well  


Kertas 3 Sejarah 2015

Please download the kertas 3 Sejarah 2015. The document is important for you to prepare before your final exam. We are glad that this will help you to score well in your exam.  Sorry there will not be any answers provided by the portal because it is illegal to do so. However, does provide some form of Rujukan and Analysis to the questions in terms of Notes, Magazine and Reference book. We hope this will be sufficient to help you in your real exam.

Soalan Percubaan SPM 2015

We will be publishing the “SPM 2015 Trial Papers or Soalan Percubaan SPM 2015”. Skorminda in collaboration with would like  you to stay tune with our latest updates and we will surely bring you the latest news from around Malaysia. Stay tune and keep on coming back to look for the latest Free Trial Papers. When we wiill published the complete list ? 25th September 2015


UPSR Trial Papers 2015

If you are looking for UPSR Trial Papers i 2015 multiple states throughtou Malaysia. Please visit our skydrive. We have compile the whole list of the trial papers. All our trial papers are compilation from several states such as Kelantan, Pahang, Kedah, Selangor, Johor , Sarawak, Sabah and Perlis. If you feel that you have more trial papers which i have not listed in this website please feel free do drop me an email at

Thermion Emission and Beta Radiation

Students asked in the Form 5  class today – “What is the difference between thermion emission and beta radiation? Both of them emits electrons.” Oh– Yes!!! A good question indeed It is true that both processes involved ejection of stream of electrons but if you would study deeply, there is a vast difference between both of them. Electron produces from thermionic emission is just as simple as heating up metal surfaces which causes the kinetic energy in the metal to rise thus liberating the electrons. The amount of energy produced is small compared to beta radiation.


Form 4 Physics : Equilibrium Condition

Form 4 forces and motion. Students who fail to understand this chapter are advised to join my tutorial classes. My tuition centre is located in Farlim area and we are keen to help you . Just visit Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda for more info-  012-4594388 . If you are residing far from our tuition class, please drop me a mail at We will be glad to assist you.  

Europa Moon

Form 3 Science: Europa Mystery Planet

You will never learn this in Form 3 Science especially in Malaysian boring syllabus. The mystery of moons in the Jupiter’s ring suggest to us that there is a hope to find lifeforms in Europa. Europa is a moon with vast majority of ice and geyser. For the past few years, scientist was amazed when they found droplets ice floating at Jupiter outer ring. Upon discovery, they finally realized that the ice was formed from geysers which shoots out water and freezes on  the outer ring of Jupiter’s orbit. NASA has approved its budget to send and expedition to collect […]


Newton’s Law

Newton’s Law of motion investigates the relationship between the body (object) and the forces applied. This has become the fundamental of classical mechanics for nearly 3 centuries. First Law of Motion- Demonstrates about Inertia. The law of inertia states that an object will remain at its physical states (moving or stationary) unless external forces acted on it. Second Law- Newton’s states that the rate of change for momentum is proportional to the force. Newtons explained that when the change of momentum mv – mu (m = mass, u = initial velocity, v= final velocity) The Third Law- Sates that every […]

Newton Law of Motion Inertia

Law of Inertia

Simple law of inertia and its example.  Lets take an example of a bus moving with passengers on board. At this instant the bus is experiencing physical states of uniform velocity. If the bus stops at sudden, passengers jerks to the front as the bus stops. The passengers is still going through the states of moving while the bus has stops. The jerking effects clearly shows the law of inertia applies in our daily life

Rove Beetle - Charlie Ants

How to Prevent Rove Beetle in your house

Rove beetle or Charlie ants is very common in Malaysia. They sting with poisonous venom which causes scorching burnt marks on your skin. This primitive is normally found in deep jungle but recently more and more of these ants are appearing in residential area due to urbanization. Rove Bettle charateristics Prevention Use Bygone or Ridsect to spray around lighting area Spray around the perimeter of the bed to prevent the bugs from crawling to your bed Kill all the food source such as (fly moth) and other insects around your area. Do not step of the insects If spotted, use […]

Simple Physics Exercises for Form 4

We attached simple physics exercises for students who needs additional workout for SPM students. All the information below are written by Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda. Tuition centres across Malaysia have our consent to print the and used it as their class material. The notes are meant to be shared and distributed so that students in Form 4 and Form 5 will benefit from this reading material  

Science PT3 – Answering Technique

. Many students are wondering what is the right method to answer the Science Paper PT3. The technique of answer questions which consist of MORE than 2 marks  given a general questions should be base on the following format. Questions Suggest ………… Explain ……? 2marks Answer should be base on the following formation Suggestion (1m) Explanation : Should state about reasons/ inference (1m) Questions …… Discuss the effect… suggest ways to overcome …..  (6m) Answer should be base on the following information 1st Effect (1m) 1st overcome (1m)  – Ways to overcome the 1st effect 2nd Effect (1m) 2nd overcome […]

Iphone 6 Plus Image beat the rest!!!!

You may be surprise that some smartphones are offering up to 16 megapixel of image resolution but iphone 6 is just sticking around with 8 Megapixel of image resolution. Iphone 6 is still the best smartphones for snapping image due the the huge improvement in their software. The race for “Megapixel” for iphone is over. Apple have once again proves that you do not need high megapixel to capture good image. While other smartphone developers are in the hype to improve their hardware specifaction, Iphone took another direction to improve in its software. It works!!!! Key Aspect in the advancement […]

SBP 2014 Trial Paper

Here is a link to the SBP Trial Papers. I am sure all of you will be delighted to use download the paper for practice. Please understand that all the paper has been proof read and we are glad that skydrive has given us the facility to share the paper. All the trial paper are only meant to be used as practice and they are not for sale

SPM Trial Papers 2014

Looking for SPM Trial Papers 2014 or Kertas Percubaan 2014. You have come to the right place. We are currently compiling some of the papers across Malaysia. Please be patient while we gathers all the trial papers across Malaysia. Among subjects included will be Bahasa Melayu Science Math Add Math Chemistry Biology Physics Accouting Sejarah English Please visit us in couple of days time to get the latest trial papers. Do not forget to visit too!!!  

Holiday Reward for UPSR Students

The best way to reward your child is a trip for a holiday. After months and months of battling with school work, exams after exam, it is time you break up a good news to them. “If you are commited to study 6 hours a day- Mommy and daddy will reward you a trip to Disneyland. That is if you study really hard for your coming exam” Nice places to visit after UPSR Singapore Universal Studio Phuket Thailand Japan Tokyo Taiwan Australia Gold Coast Legoland Johor Melaka Historical site Plan a family trip  

Ujian Percubaan SRJKC

Here is the link to the SRJKC papers throughout Malaysia. We have not proof read the exam papers so we strongly suggest you get help from school teachers or tuition teachers to go through it. Thanks to the facebook team Malaysian Parents who contributed to share with other parents. Please share with your friends and use this for preparation.

Math UPSR Exercise Kertas 1 + Kertas 2

  Math Paper contributed by facebook member. Thanks for your contribution to bank. We hope to make this website free for students to download notes. For any teachers who want to contribute you may send your papers to KERTAS 2 UPSR KERTAS 1 KLON UPSR 2013 A

Trigonometry Form 4 Math

Trigonometry Math Notes for all Form 4 students. Just to inform you guys that the notes was written by but this is a very good notes written by Ragulan. Treat the notes with respect guys. Do not edit it since 100% credits will be given to the author. I you are are author to this notes, please do contact me so that i can place a link to your website. Thanks a million Chapter9 trignometry from Ragulan Dev  

UPSR Trial Papers / Soalan Percubaan 2014

UPSR Trial Papers for the year 2014. All the Trial papers have not been cross reference and may contain errors. Just use it wisely. We will compile more papers along the way. We hope the trial papers will benefits students in the year 2014 since you guys will be heading for one of the most important exam in your life. All the best yea Penang Sains Bahagian A Percubaan UPSR Pulau Pinang Sains Paper 2 Matematik Kertas II Percubaan UPSR Pulau Pinang English Paper 1 English Paper 2 Bahasa Melayu Paper 1 Bahasa Melayu Peper 2 Negeri Sembilan Math Paper […]

Type of Surface to Air Missle Hits MH 17

By now we have known that MH17 was shot down by Surface to Air Missle. We are certain that it is either Ukraine or Russian Defense system which contributed to this catastrophe. Sources said the plane was “shot down” while it was cruising at an altitude of 30,000ft. A total of 280 passengers and 15 crew members were in the plane. Type of Surface to Air Missle Suspected capable to hit MH 17 S300 and SA100 Sa17, SA 11