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Skor Minda was establish in the year 2009. The objective of SKOR MINDA is to provide continuous learning experience for UPSR, PT3 and SPM students. Our syllabus is the same with the current Malaysian Educational System but we emphasized creative learning and speed learning process.

Skor Minda established our Tuition Center in Ayer Itam Penang. Our Location is in Farlim. Thos who are interested to enroll in our tuition class can directly call our tuition center.

Who is Edunovice
Edunovice is our main HQ. The objective of Edunovice is to provide Educational materials and creative learning solutions to SKOR MINDA. Currently Edunovice has a total of 200 Teachers and we choose the best to represent our Tuition Center.
Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda

Skor Minda, 30B Medan Angsana 2, Bandar Baru Ayer Itam, Penang



11 Responses to “About – Call Us!!”

  • nurul hazirah sanusi /

    please help me about speak and writing in english…….saya x boleh buat la….karangan BI ni…tolong saya please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • myra /

    sye xpndai bi,mt tlg la sye…….

  • najaa /

    mcam mane nk tingkatkan prestasi subjek bi???

  • fatin /

    sy sukar utk mndptkn krng bi 25 ke ats..tlng SYE!!

  • suhana aqmi /

    eeee…………..mcm mna nak wat karangan BI,BM…..klau ajar saya cara cara nak wat SN…….=)

  • Shahlini /

    Do you have any other branch?

  • admin /

    We have only one branch in Penang. How can we help you ?

  • Vaithis /

    I wanted to enter physic,bio n chemis drilling classes or seminar.. Bit the info here is nt complete.. Is tht drilling class on 1ce in a month or wht?? I dont get.. I meant september 1

  • Admin /

    The drilling class is all over. Where are you from ? We have regular Paper II Physic Class. YES… we have weekly PAPER II and III class

  • Kir /

    I would like to buy spm tips book . But how to get it?

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