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MRSM Trials 2013

Posted on September 23 2013 by Admin

Dear students, we are on the midst of trying to get some MRSM questions. Do come back . We might be discussing the questions in the seminar. We are sorry because of our late updates. We hope this seminar will help students to do extraordinary good this year. This is one of the hottest seminar […]

Soalan Matematik Tahun 5

Posted on June 8 2012 by

Buku Nota Perdana dapat membantu pelajar dalam mata pelajaran Matematik Tahun 5 dan Tahun 6. Terdapat pelbagai soalan yang mencabar di dalam buku ini. Soalan soalan di dalam buku Nota Perdana telah disusun dengan rapi berdasaran aspek “konsep” KSSR. ¬†Buku Not Perdana merupakan sebuah buku “modul PTSM (Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda)” yang bertujuan untuk membantu […]

Soalan Ramalan UPSR 2012

Posted on June 8 2012 by

There have been many “Soalan Ramalan UPSR 2012″ searches today. In google itself shows that there are 79 000 records from all over Malaysia. Most of primary school teachers and students spend their time in the internet hoping to get a glimpse of good tips and trend for this year. As UPSR is approaching the […]

UPSR Bahasa Melayu Bank Soalan

Posted on November 26 2009 by

Additional News: Edunovice provides Home Tuition for students ranges from Std 1 to Form 5. Our teachers are well trained and we only hire teachers who posses basic degree to teach in Home Tuition. Exam Tips for UPSR¬† 2010 can be obtain from UPSR Exercises and Questions from Third Party Website The information […]