Electrostatic Precipitator

This device is used to clean the gas from the factory’s discharge. The gas will be filtered and clean before releasing to the environment. The particles from the gas is remove using electrostatic force. A negative voltage of several thousand volts is applied between wire and plate. If the applied voltage is high enough an electric (corona) discharge ionizes the gas around the electrodes. Negative ions flow to the plates and charge the gas-flow particles. The ionized particles, following the negative electric field created by the power supply, move to the grounded plates.

Nota Ringkas for Science PMR

Additional Links to some of the PMR Nota Ringkas. Hope you guys are able to use this. Quite good.  The source are taken from http://sci-q.blogspot.com. Use at your own risk. So far we have check thorough and there are no mistakes. Kind of one of the best notes to use for last minute revision. Nota-nota Ringkas PMR Klik pautan untuk muat turun : Nota Ringkas Sains Form 1 & Form 2 ( B.I ) Nota Ekpress Sains PMR Form 1 & Form 2 Nota Sains PMR Notes Science Form 1 Notes Form 1 – Science Notes Science Form 2 Notes Science […]

Trial Papers SPM

Trial papers collected by several websites. I hope you can use it to complete your work  JOHOR 2010 ? Johor SPM2010 Trial Maths P1 &P2 Q&A View Download source – koleksisoalan.blogspot – thanks Sep 29, 2010 7:51 PM  KEDAH 2010 ? Kedah SPM 2010 Trial Maths P1 View Contribution by Mr Jau Kok Chiang, SMK Bkt Selambau, Kedah. TQVM Sep 23, 2010 3:52 AM ? Kedah SPM 2010 Trial Maths P1 Answers View Maths P1 Answers Sep 23, 2010 3:52 AM ? Kedah SPM 2010 Trial Maths P2 View Contribution by Mr Jau Kok Chiang, SMK Bkt. Selambau, Kedah. Thank […]