Bahasa Melayu Tatabahasa


Looks like there is a huge demand for this book. The book is suitable for those in std 5 till std 6. A very comprehensive book cater to help those who are keen to master Bahasa Melayu. This books is written by one of the Skor Minda Teacher. If you are a SkorMinda Student, please purchase it from your tuition teacher. However, non Skor Minda students can purchase the books in this website

About The Book

  1. Written by Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda
  2. Author Mr Kenny (Snr Bahasa Melayu Teacher)
  3. Total number of Questions 580 ++ Questions
  4. Price: RM 50
  5. Format: PDF File. Download
  6. Rating: 100% effective.

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