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PMR Trial Paper 2011

Posted on August 22 2011 by

These are the collection of trial paper from 3rd Party Website. We will not held responsible for any information distributed from the website. We hope that students will benefit from the collection of trial paper for PMR 2011. Examination Papers) Matematik Percubaan PMR Kedah 2011 (dan Jawapan) Sejarah Percubaan PMR Kedah 2011 dan Jawapan Bahasa […]

Top Private and International Schools in Malaysia

Posted on August 18 2011 by

Some of the Private and International Schools in Malaysia. I believe there are more private and international schools in Malaysia so write in the comments and get the school listed here. Private Schools are schools which follows the KBSM syllabus while the International schools follows theĀ curriculum which are not Malaysian Syllabus. Sri Rafelsia Melaka International […]

Skor Minda Books For Sale

Posted on August 5 2011 by Admin

Looking for Books? Skorminda Bookshop provides educational books for students in UPSR, PMR and SPM. Our books are study module which will help students to improve in their studies. Unless you attend our tuition class, these are the study module used in our tuition class. Nota Perdana is meant for Standard 5 and Standard 6 […]