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  • Understanding Algebra Form 3

    Example: Charles brought 100 men to the battlefield. During his engagement with the German’s troops , each of his men managed to kill p numbers of soldiers. Represent the statement above using algebraic expression . Sol: A = 100p  ;  A :  Total German’s troops killed by Charles’ men Example: Jimmy went hunting one afternoon […]

  • PMR Important Note 2010

    Here are some of the important information you would need to know before sitting for the PMR Oxygen: Can be tested using glowing splinter Not soluble in water No Effect on Litmus Paper Carbon Dioxide: Can be tested using Lime Water: Turns Chalky when Lime water expose to carbon dioxide Soluble in water Turns Litmus […]


    This is the information for PMR 2010 SBP Trial Paper. The information here is derived from 3rd party website. Please use at your own risk. We will not be liable for any inaccuracy of the information distributed by 3rd party website Sains PMR Matematik PMR

  • Male Reproduction Science Form 3

    Male reproduction. Please read this section closely. As for Form 3 students, you can use the chart below to further probe into the Male reproduction system. Please understand the function of a) Urinary Bladder : To collect Urine b) Testis : Male reproductive organ to produce sperm cell (Sperm cell the smallest cell in human […]