Nota Chemistry – Exam Tips…. CLICK HERE


Found this interesting link for Chemistry. Looks good and have been simplified for study. You may want to look at the notes and feedback in the comments.

All the notes have not been verified by our tutors. We will not be liable for any information derived from the Third Party Link. This is a third party link.

Chemistry Notes

  1. Description: The notes describes about some basic Chemistry information important as last minute revision
  2. Reliability: The information have not been verified
  3. Downloads: Click Here for Redirection
  4. Note: The information have not been verified


How you can help. Download the notes and verify yourself. Post if you find any mistakes. If you find the information is good. Recommend to your friends.

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2 Responses to “Nota Chemistry – Exam Tips…. CLICK HERE”

  • Merani razak /

    Sy nk tips untuk subjek kimia sahaja..spm 2013

  • Admin /

    hi there… sorry….we sell the whole package. The whole package is RM 230.00 for the month of October. If you are purchasing at November, then our price is RM 400. So i guess you can start purchasing the exam tips. Please go to

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