Exam Tips Revision for Last minute

SPM is getting Nearer. What are the strategy for last minute revision?

Everyone feels nervous about taking exams. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your revision time and keep those nerves under control.

It’s important to remember that an examination is a test of learning, not memory. Examiners want to see evidence that you have drawn on your knowledge to develop a reasoned argument, rather than replicate course notes and textbook facts. Revision should be a process of consolidating understanding rather than cramming as much information as possible before the morning of the exam.


  1. Do not cram your brain with too hard
  2. Ensure yourself to at least do 2 test papers a day. Complete test papers
  3. Stop doing tropical questions now!! Focus on Final or forecast test papers.
  4. Make sure you study till 12am everyday and wake up early to school. Do not miss schools … You might get some last minute tips… Remember the UPSR 2009 Bahasa Melayu. One of the school gave the tips to the students and the question came out. You will miss the tips if you miss school
  5. Purchase a set of Exam Tips from Tipsexam.com

Good Luck All the Best… Remenber to get a copy of exam Tips for SPM 2009. You will be

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